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nexi counts step in your rifle forward. you stamp your level for five holes. your right quarter turn to your right. the 12 counts tag so we will do first. and toe touches in out in 1 2 3 4. 1 2 3 hold 4. left foot lock step forward to the left. in your rifle forward and hold on count. recover turning quarter turn to your. and hold on count 5 6 7 hold 8 second. hold 4 full turn to your right traveling. right foot Ostra 1 2 3 4 left will rock. count 1 2 3 hold 4 left foot Rock. level line dance first account start. the right diet know with scuff 1 2 3 4. it's a high beginner easy intermediate. sigh ho and cross home let me give you. whole side together forward hold the. step your left foot to the left side toe. hole 1 count 5 6 7 hold 8 7 3 count. Oh too late. hold 4 v ho 6 7 hold 8 9 10 11 whole 12. tag occurs at the end of fifth wall. forward stepping your left foot forward. reverse rumba box side together back. the 12 counts tag is behind whole. each side six seven eight. pv half turn to your left and step in. count 5 6 7 hold 8 lock step forward to. quarter turn to your right and hold one. c16eaae032
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